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What is a fair mind goal?

Actual situation of mine development

"Gold" used for jewelry ingots.

Do you know how gold is mined?

According to research institutions, mining in developing countries is currently said to be dangerous and illegal.

When refining gold from ore, developing countries generally use a refining method called the "amalgam method". The amalgam method uses a large amount of mercury that once caused Minamata disease, but since it is a light equipment and simple work, it has a bad effect on the human body.

In mines of developing countries with 70 million workers in 70 countries around the world, many children and women work in the mines to support their households. Or, there is a situation where a fetus of a pregnant woman dies just after her birth.

Such dangerous work is carried out at low wages, and it is ethically problematic.


What is Fair Mind Gold?

The International Non-Profit Organization ARM (Alliance Responsible Mining) was established in 2004.

We support the development of the market by establishing standards to protect the human rights of people working in mines, such as improving the working environment, reducing the use of harmful chemical substances, and improving infrastructure.

Fairmind Gold Mine

Fairmind Gold is gold mined at a mine certified by the international non-profit organization ARM. Fair Mind certified minerals are currently available as "Fair Mind Gold", "Fair Mind Ecological Gold" and "Fair Mind Silver". Incentives are added to these and traded,It covers the additional cost of the work due to the reduction of the use of harmful chemical substances.


Fair mind gold license


 Gold Standards for Fair Mind Gold Certification

In order to certify all precious metals, including gold mined by individual miners by small-scale mining organizations, as fairminds, there are the following criteria.

Fair mind gold

Only gold that meets the above strict criteria will be certified as "Fair Mind Gold".

In addition, "Fair Mind Ecological Gold" will be gold that has passed even stricter standards than this standard. (For example, we are extracting gold without using the chemicals themselves.)

Accredited mining organizations currently sell an average of 3.5 kg of gold per month.

Each time 1 kilogram of Fair Mind Gold is sold to the market, a certified mining organization will receive a $4,000 incentive.

By purchasing FairMind Gold, more FairMind certified mines will be directly linked to protecting the natural environment in developing countries, reducing child labor, and contributing to miners and their families and communities.




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