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What is Moissanite?

GYPPHYJewel "more sanitary" which can be said to be the characteristic of the jewelry of.

Although it is still unfamiliar in Japan, Moisanite is gradually gaining popularity.

If you read this, you'll love Moisanite. We will deliver the charm of Moisanite.


Moisanite is a "legendary stone"!?


Moissanite is now a hot gem in Europe and the United States, which is explosively popular from fast fashion to bridal, and is gaining popularity as a high-quality jewelry than diamond.

Moissanite was founded in 1893 by a French scientist, Moissant, from a meteor that struck northern Arizona, USA.

A thorough investigation revealed that the material was silicon carbide (SiC), which contained the same carbon (C) as diamond.

Natural substances are actually contained only in meteorites, and are rarely produced on earth, so it is no exaggeration to say that they are "legendary gems".

Because it’s so beautifulResearch on synthetic moisanite was promoted, and finally in 1998, synthetic moisanite was introduced to the world.

At that time, technically, it was not easy to manufacture and it was very expensive, but nowadays the technology has advanced and the price has become cheaper.


Properties of moisanite

The structure of diamond and moissanite are very similar, and they look exactly like they would be mistaken for a discriminator.

Moissanite has almost the same hardness as diamond, which is the hardest gem on the planet, so it is also a point that it is strong against impact and difficult to break.

And the greatest attraction of Moissanite is that "the brilliance of diamonds is about2.5Double. The iridescent glow is the characteristic of moisanite.

In addition, it is said that it is easy to use everyday because it is stronger in oil and less cloudy than diamond.


Cheap price

Since moisanite is an artificial gem, it is also a great merit that it is cheaper than natural stone. About the average diamond for each brand1/10At the price of.

Some bridal jewelry, such as wedding rings, have been selected as alternatives to diamonds.


Regarding quality

There is a certificate to prove the quality of diamond, and the quality is evaluated based on four criteria (carat (weight), clarity (transparency), color (color), cut (proportion & finish)). ..

Appraisal documents are accepted by appraisal agencies recognized around the world.GIAIt is issued by.

At present, there is no such certificate for Moissanite, so 4CIs often decided by the standards of each company.

But now in ChinaGRAThere is a fake appraisal agency of Moissanite called "There is a problem that the contents of the appraisal document were exactly the same even though the quality was completely different".





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