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Is Moasa Night shine better than diamonds?

In recent years, Moasanite is difficult to distinguish from diamonds, and its brilliance is 2.5 times that, but it is easy to reach, and it is attracting attention as a gem of a diamond replacement. In addition, it is said to be an ethical and environmentally friendly gem because it is made artificially.

What is The Moasa Night in the first place?

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It really shines 2.5 times more than a diamond, and i'd like to compare The Lessanite with diamonds and consider their brilliance here.

    Do you really shine 2.5 times more than diamonds? Is The Moasa Night of better quality?

    Well on various sites and blogs, Moasanite shines 2.5 times more than diamonds! I think that you will see that. So what on earth do you describe as 2.5 times shine?

    In fact, the numerical value of these dispersed light is about 2.5 times, so the shine is simply described as about 2.5 times that of a diamond. GYPPHY also expresses it from such a meaning.


    Characteristics of Moasanite


    What kind of shine is actually, compared to diamonds, the light is greatly dispersed and glows in rainbow colors.


    The Glow of The Moasa Night

    As you can see in the photo, The Moresanite shines widely (the photo is quoted by CHARLES & CORVARD). It is said that the impressive shine is the best in jewelry.


    Does that mean that Moasanite shines better than diamonds?

    In conclusion, both brilliance is very beautiful, and you can't put superiority or inferiority on it. It is true that the shine of the Moasa Night stands out with a masterpiece, and it is more beautiful than I imagined. However, the white glow of the diamond also has a different shine from The Moasa Night, and it is very beautiful and beautiful.

    "Shine 2.5 times = better than diamonds, better quality" does not mean. This is a complete matter of taste.

    However, if you see The Moasanite for the first time, you will be surprised at its spectacular brilliance regardless of taste!


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