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A ring that makes your fingers look longer

Must-see for those who want their fingers to appear long!
A ring with the effect of keeping your fingers clean and long, "Best 3"

Published: June 23-2020

I'd like to wear a ring, but I don't have confidence because my fingers are thick... I don't know what kind of ring looks good because my fingers are short... I would like to recommend 3 rings to those who have such troubles!

With just one ring design, you can make your fingers look long and slender!

Unlike a pierced earring or necklace, a ring is the only jewelry that comes into your view when you glance at it. Why don't you try on your favorite items and get a good mood for the day?

①V-line design ring

By bringing the position of the base of your finger down visually, this is the best recommended design that will show your finger long and beautifully. You can expect a longer finger length effect by wearing it on the longest middle finger.

V line ring

*GYPPHY Ring Recommended Point*

The "double V line ring" has a design with a gap on the back side, so it is easy to put on and take off, and it is also recommended for people with thick joints.

《Recommended Coordinate》

Moisanite Ring Stack

A simple V-line ring with the No. 1 finger length effect and two rings with moir sanite with a round shape are combined to create a unified look. LADDER CUFF is a convenient item that can be used as a pinky ring or ear cuff!

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Index finger--- Open thin ring 

K9 ¥19,800

Middle finger--- Double V line ring 

K9 ¥27,000

Pinkie--- LADDER CUFF 

K9 ¥27,000

②Ring cut design

The uneven design and the jagged design accentuate the vertical lines, making the fingers look thin and long.

Moissanite Half Eternity Ring

*GYPPHY Ring Recommended Point*

The "Half Eternity Ring 1" is a slightly voluminous ring with the brilliance of moisanite. This ring is especially recommended for people with thick fingers. It creates a natural and well-balanced hand.

《Recommended Coordinate》

More Sanite Granolling

A classic coordination that combines grano ring with half eternity ring shining a grain of moissanite. Please try it on feminine and feminine clothes.

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Index finger--- More Sanite Granolling 

K9 ¥19,800

Ring finger--- Half Eternity Ring 1 

K9 ¥29,900

③Variable design ring

There is a change in movement as a whole, and wearing a ring with a slightly accented design has the effect of making your fingers look thin and long. By paying attention to the distinctive design, you will not be concerned about the thickness or shortness of your fingers, and you will be able to see it for advanced jewelers who can master fashionable rings.

Melemore Sanite Ring

*GYPPHY Ring Recommended Point*

"Ladder Stone Ring" is a ring that is easy for anyone to wear, not too delicate or too thick. The shine of moissanite also adds femininity."Ladder Ring"It is also a popular item as a couple ring in pairs!

《Recommended Coordinate》

Moa sunite ring

The square shape of the accented Ladder Stone Ring matches the baguette-cut moisanite ring, giving you a clean look. The ring width has a uniform feel and is a combination that is easy to wear every day!

⇩ Check here for product details ⇩

Index finger--- Single Baguette More Sanite Ring

K9 ¥25,000

Middle finger--- Ladder Stone Ring 

K9 ¥25,000

Pinkie--- Simple ring 

K9 ¥18,700

Here are some features of the ring that are not recommended for people who want their fingers to appear long.

First of all, for those with thick and short fingers, a delicate and extremely thin ring does not match the volume of the hand, and it looks rather unbalanced, so it is better to avoid it.

Rings with a wider width and volume are not recommended for "thin but short fingers". The ring approaches the second joint, and the shortness of the finger is emphasized.

From the GYPPHY daily ring collection, we have introduced items that have the effect of making your fingers look long. How was it? Have you found the ring you are interested in?

Every person's hand has its own beauty, so I want you to be confident in your own hands, but it's a long and thin hand that makes you yearn. At that time, I hope that the power of jewelry will add a little confidence, and make every day brighter and more wonderful.

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