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Give a gift

■ Choose a product
■ Those who do not know what to give


GYPPHYSo, when you send the ordered product, we will put it all in a gift box.

Besides jewelry,GYPPHYWe also give preserved flower of "Gypsophila" which is the origin of the brand name.

The guarantee card (bottom right of the photo) is required for returns, exchanges, and repairs.



Jewelry is in the outer boxBOXThere is a problem, so we will put it carefully so that it will not get scratched.



When we send it, we will place it in the original shipping box like this.



Some of the shipping boxes include gift boxesGYPPHYWe will include the brand catalog and delivery statement of the product.



If you do not need it for shipping gifts, etc., please enter "Delivery statement not required" in the remarks column when ordering.




In addition, we also act as a proxy for message cards. Please enter your desired message in the remarks column when ordering.

If you don't know what to give, gift cards are also available.
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