About the Media Stylist for Leasing – GYPPHY

About the Media Stylist for Leasing

GYPPHYWe are leasing a lease for media stylists.

Please check the following items when you are thinking about the activities of the Company, such as TV, movies, soap operas, magazines, beauty salons, and hair salons, please check the following items.

1. On Lending

Loans will be offered for free only when credit is available.

● Please consult separately for the period and quantity of the products.

-There are products that are not available for the sample, so please accept them.In some cases, please let us prepare you for further advice.

It may be necessary to refuse to lend a loan if it is expected to cause a grossly disgrosity.

○ Corruption of goods(Break, broken, crushed.)or defamation(dirt in the exterior)Please note that if you are returned in a different manner than before the lease, you may be asked to purchase it.

It is also possible to purchase a lease product.Please consult with us when you wish to purchase.

Please note that if you are unable to apply for a false application or to observe the bylaws above, you may be able to refuse the next offer depending on the situation of the return of the application.

2. About Leases

○ Lease of the lease -GYPPHYI have a corresponding office in my office.


Address: Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo Prefecture3-13-6 Propagation Building4F

[date and time] weekdays10:00~17:00
*Please consult with us when you wish to be outside your business hours.

[Ogetami Reservation] TEL:03-6910-4764(Responsible: Hayashi)
※Contact FormPlease be careful with me.


Products are being shipped in addition to pickup.Please consult with me directly for details.


a Stock CompanyGYPPHY(Zipfie)


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