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Regarding shipping fee, delivery date and material

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◾️ Regarding material


The percentage of money is 37.5%. Especially in the UK, gold is the mainstream. Therefore, it is generally called Royal Gold or British Gold, and it has a romance.

Compared to the K18...

The weight is about 20% lighter and the amount of bills is large, so be careful of metal allergies. Furthermore, it is highly possible that it will discolor if you wear it while wearing it in a hot spring or the sea, so be careful when using it in your daily life. However, it is harder to scratch because it has hardness compared to K18.


The percentage of gold is 75%. It is the mainstream gold in Japanese jewelry.

Compared with K9...

It has a high-quality feel and importantly, and it has a high content of gold, so it is unlikely that allergic reactions will occur as much as possible. In addition, it can be used for a long time with almost no discoloration even in normal daily life. You don't have to remove it each time when using a hot spring, the sea, or detergent, so you can wear it easily (note that it rarely discolors, so be careful). However, since it is softer than K9, it is easily scratched.


Pt950 is 95% pure platinum that meets international standards. Therefore, it is a material that is often used in overseas luxury brands. By the way, pt900 (90% platinum) is often used in Japan.

It is more durable than gold and can be used for a lifetime. Also, allergic reactions rarely occur. Therefore, it is often used as a bridal ring.

The weight is heavier than K18 due to its specific gravity.



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