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Origin of the brand name
GYPPHY is derived from the name "Gypsophila" which is the name of the school of Kasumiso.

The words of the flowers include "pure heart," "happiness," and "gratitude," and in the West it means "everlasting love", "purity of heart," and "innocene." In English, "Baby's breath" means "Baby's breath," meaning "a breath of a baby" and "a breath of a loved one."

The spinach in flowers is also famous as a floral flower to draw the flowers of the leading character. GYPPHY wishes that people who put Jueley and all those involved will shine a lifetime, and sometimes it forms the form of "eternal love". Like the flower of Cassmisow, I will deliver the moissannites that shine more than diamonds designed with "pure heart", "happiness," and "gratitude."
GYPPHY mission
1 We will contribute to society by resolving environmental problems that are happening in the world through Jueley.

There are many problems in the world today, including child labor, poverty, conflict, and global warming. In the jewelry industry, there is a problem with the need to think about child labor in mining and the destruction of ecosystems in the mine. The GYPPHY is a bit of a mission, a mission, and a mission to solve and contribute to the world a little bit.

2 make all the people shine, smile, and be Happy.

GYPPHY, of course, aims to become a brand that produces a world of happiness and happiness, as well as every single person and society that is involved in jewelry and production of Juelie, every day.

3 Provide a high quality, fair price

Thoroughs the high quality and after-service products of the product.It pursues a design, a world view, and a product that you can use to be able to use.I will not compromise at all. Price will also be reduced to customers by aiming at appropriate prices in a coastcut with direct direct sales.

Brand concept
"The Ecical High Jewelry worn by the Daily."

GYPPHY wants every man to shine every day, and he doesn't care about the autorquillo, he's got a luxurious high-jewelry.
"As the Daily, we have a concept of" cute "and" pretty, "and" pretty ".
It is also designed to be used for bridal purposes as well.
characteristic of a moissite
The features of the Moasannite are all shining.
Its brilliance is about 2.5 times the diamond, and the refractive index of light and the glossy of matter is far superior to diamonds.
The only difference between diamonds and diamonds is the hardness of diamonds (10 in the Morse hardness of diamonds), but they are also proud of their morous-hardness 9.25 or higher, with little difference between diamonds and diamonds.
And the price of the moissannite is 1/5 to 50 less than the diamonds. It's easier for you to do this.
It is possible to offer you a price at a price that you can easily use for your everyday use.
History of Moissanite
In 1893, a French scientist, Moasan, discovered the meteorite that crashed into the northern part of Arizona in the United States, and it was the beginning of the moissannite.
A thorough investigation has found that the substance is silicon (SiC) carbonized.
It was found that they contained the same carbon (C) as diamonds.
In 1905, Tiffany & Co.'s jewelry appraiser and mineralogy, George Cuns, praised the honor of Moasan.
The substance was named moissanite.
Thus, the moissannites, which were present in the sky, were very small and scarcity.
As a result, the research on synthetic moissannites was carried out, and finally, in 1998, synthetic moissanites were introduced to the world.
In those days, it was technically not easy to manufacture, but it was very expensive.
Today, technology has advanced and prices have been priced at a low price.
In recent years, in the United States and Europe, it has become an explosive popularity from fast-fashion to braidal.
It is popular as a jewelry quality jewelry, which is higher quality than diamonds.
GYPPHY Quality
The GYPPHY's moissannites are color *, clarity, and cut at the top quality only.
In addition, the bullion will be offered in a high-end Julie with 18 gold (yellow/white/Rose Gold) and platinum (pt950).
Color: H-D-Clarity: Cut more than VS2 and more than Excellent or more
Color is divided into 23 phases (D-Z) and evaluated.
The GYPPHY is the only one of the most colorless "H" and more "H" - like moissannites.
The cutograde is ranked in five stages, from Poor to Excellent, through a comprehensive assessment of the propotion, polish, and symmetry.
Excellent is further divided into three: Excellent, H & C EX, 3EX H & C, which is positioned as the top quality.
GYPPHY will only provide the highest quality of Excellent or higher.
It is divided into eleven stages (13 to FL) with an evaluation that indicates whether or not impurities such as internal packages are impurities or kiz.GYPPHY will only provide the highest grade of VS2 or higher which is very difficult to find in the internal package.
Moissanite, Quality, Quality
GYPPHY price
By direct sales of online sales, wholesale merchants and retailers do not pass through the retail store, and the benefit is reduced to customers by reducing the amount of profit to customers.In addition, diamonds can be replaced by moissanites to reduce the price of diamonds.
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