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You're ...

" Egg, standard or diluted ears,  

the skin of a healthy wheat."  

It's a beautiful look that is said to be ideal.  

-GYPPHY: Osukume no Osusuume

You're ...the most uniform of the face-to-face FacelinesAnd it gives a soft impression on the surroundings.

Moreover, your ears can be challenged with any piercing thickness.We can enjoy a variety of designs.

Color"Yellow Gold,"Pick a choice.I'm familiar with your skin, and I will be able to help you in your face.

What?It looks good in design.You're not only simple but small, but also tailored to your daily outfit and your hair style,and try to challenge the individuality of individuality?

You're a good piercess.
Best three!


The mini-size of the simple, modern design half-Eternispias.Don't be too flashy, and you can wear it in any scene.

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A simple pierce with a single moissanite and a design of helical shapes.It is a shining design that is a shining in a small and present sense of existence.

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A lovely design with a single moissite in a simple ring.It's easy to wear, it's a Pearce that can be used for daily use.

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Other sesame piercing.

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Julie, GYPPHY.

The moissannite is a sustinable julie that does not use electrical energy when it is created, but does not produce carbon dioxide.

Part of the bullion is used after a formal application for "Fair Mind Gold," which is a local gold.

Provides a high quality fair price.



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