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"It is oval-faced earlobe of the standard or thinness ,"  

Color fair skin  

It is the features of the calm impression.  

Recommended ... from ... GYPPHY

To you,It is long aside, and the pierced earrings of the design with the roundness are recommended. I soften a sharp impression by choosing the form that is in contrast to the form of the face.

The thickness of your earlobe can challenge relatively any pierced earrings,I can enjoy various designs.

The color"White gold or platinum"Choose を. I am familiar with your skin and add activeness to a face rotation."The pink gold" drawing a color of the skin is recommended.

The delicate design emphasizes Mayor of plane into long piecesBecause I am possible, should I avoid it?

Pierced earrings looking good with you
Best 3!


The luxurious design which used モアサナイト in a simple arched line abundantly. I direct a soft impression by attaching pierced earrings with the width aside.

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Simple, pretty flower-shaped pierced earrings. Because you are not too showy, it is easy to match it with any clothes and can put it on in the body in daily.

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Hey, the luxurious, pretty design which roaster yl glistens with at the ear. With slightly bigger pierced earrings with the roundness, it exerts presence.

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Other recommended pierced earrings

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With the jewelry of GYPPHY...

モアサナイト is the jewelry which is サスティナブル which does not produce carbon dioxide without using electric energy at the time of making.

I use a part of the metal after official application of "the fair mind gold" which is the gold which is エシカル.

I offer a fair price of high quality.

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