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new maintenance and after-sales service

Maintenance and after-sales service

-Maintenance and after-sales service-

Moissanite maintenance

Resize ring size, install/replace chain/parts, adjust chain length, re-coat,
We accept free of charge for surface scratches and stone rehabilitation for one year.
After that, you will be charged. To apply, please check the website.
*Please note that you are responsible for the cost of shipping the product.
*Please note that some products may not be resized due to design.


Contact Us
Please use the contact form to enter your customer name and the Order #, Product #, Shipping Date and the details of your repair request on the back of the warranty card.
After confirming the e-mail from the customer, we will contact you about the amount of the repair cost, the return address and the return method within 2 business days. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping.
After confirming the returned products, we will contact you for the transfer account, so please make a payment to that (Please note that the transfer fee at that time will be borne by the customer). After confirming the payment from the customer, we will repair it and ship it within 4 weeks.

-Cleaning method-

● Storage
Please keep it away from hard objects. It may cause scratches.
When storing, divide them into smaller ones and store them one by one.
● Daily maintenance
There are various causes such as sweat, cosmetics, dust, etc. that cause the jewelry to get dirty.
Therefore, wipe it with a soft cloth after wearing it.
Another effective cleaning method is to soak it in a neutral detergent diluted with lukewarm water, then rinse it thoroughly with fresh water.
Wipe it off thoroughly and let it dry thoroughly.
●In case of bathing or hot spring
We recommend that you remove jewelry before bathing.
GYPPHY jewelry uses high quality 18K and PT950 (platinum) materials
It has excellent corrosion resistance and does not easily discolor,
On rare occasions, the metal used as an alloy as an alloy may react and discolor.



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