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"It is a bit big a standard figure, a neck",  

Healthy light-brown skin  

I put on a necklace matching oneself in the body,  

When I add activeness to a neck...♡  

Recommended ... from ... GYPPHY

To you,The necklace of the design which emphasized a vertical line is recommended. I do it in a refreshing impression generally if I put on the item which can afford to some to a neck in the body.

The color"Yellow gold"Choose を. I am familiar with your skin and add activeness to a neck.

The design of a choker type and a big chain emphasizes the thickness of the neckShould I avoid ので?

Necklace looking good with you
Best 3!


One diamond necklace which it was simple, and was refined. Affinity is good for any clothes, and one is the basic item which wants to last.

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The design that メレモアサナイト which the stone seat letting you do one モアサナイト and it had is refined. Brightness is loud in the small size and is a pretty item.

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The vertical design which is good to you with a candy-shaped necklace. With brightness to a neck, I can direct a slim neck.

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Other recommended necklaces

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With the jewelry of GYPPHY...

モアサナイト is the jewelry which is サスティナブル which does not produce carbon dioxide without using electric energy at the time of making.

I use a part of the metal after official application of "the fair mind gold" which is the gold which is エシカル.

I offer a fair price of high quality.

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TEL: 03-6910-4764


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