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"Keen, the neck of standard fineness.  

Healthy wheat skin  

Wear a necklace for yourself  

In addition to the glamour in the neck.♡  

From gypphy

For youA small type of necklace is recommended. Overall, it makes it clear and cute impression.

You don't choose the thickness of the neck, from small and simple to large designLet's challenge various Necklace

ColorK Yellow Gold. It is familiar with your skin and adds the complexion to the neck.

A necklace that suits you
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It is designed to be large with round more sanitary. By balancing the line, balance with delicate body shape.

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Design 5 lined samanthite makes adult women feel. It is a necklace that is recommended for superposition.

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Twin chain is a cute and sophisticated design necklace. It is an item that is easy to match as well as usual days.

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Ladies Necklace

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Jewelry jewelry.

Mosanite is a sustainable jewelry that does not utilize electrical energy when creating, and does not generate carbon dioxide.

A part of the earth money is used by the official application of "fair mind gold" which is an ecological gold.

High quality reasonable price.

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