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The feature of your hand is
"Thick joints, short, standard skin color"  
It is a hand that has a cute impression. ――

~Recommendation from GYPPHY~

you are,A type that looks gorgeous with a slightly wider width and a sense of volume.. If the size fits the joint, the ring may move loosely at the base of the finger. If you have such concerns,Even if the ring turns, try a cute all around design

The color is"Pink gold or white gold"Please choose.It will fit your skin and show your fingers cleanly.

Vertical rings and nasty designs look unbalancedThere is a possibility that you should avoid it.

Ring that looks good on you
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Designed as if moisanite floats in a space like a small labyrinth. The wide ring and volume make it the perfect item for you!

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Simple yet strong design with the image of a ladder. It is recommended for pairing as it can be worn by men.

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A simple design with two glistening melemore sanites. Your fingers look well balanced,A ring with a width that is not too messy.

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What is GYPPHY jewelry?

Moissanite is a sustainable jewelery that doesn't use electrical energy and doesn't generate carbon dioxide when created.

Some of the ingots have been used after the formal application of "Fair Mind Gold" which is ethical gold.

We provide high quality and reasonable price.

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