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The feature of your hand is
"Thick fingers, long skin, fair skin"  
It is a hand that has an adult-like impression. ――

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you are,A type that looks pretty on any ringis. The design isRing with a slightly thick width and a gorgeous atmosphere with a sense of volumeIs especially recommended.

The color is"White gold or platinum"Please choose.It will fit your skin and show your fingers cleanly. We also recommend "Pink Gold," which brings out the color of your skin.

Extra fineThe delicate design may not match the volume of your finger, so you should avoid it

Ring that looks good on you
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The design looks like a small labyrinth-like space with a single grain of emerald-cut moisanite floating. It has a voluminous feel and fits on the fingers, making it a perfect ring for daily use.

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The design is as if they are stacked, so this one is stylish at hand. Great compatibility with casual outfits such as shirts and denim!

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Simple yet strong design with the image of a ladder.Give your hand an adult-like impressionIt will add.

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What is GYPPHY jewelry?

Moissanite is a sustainable jewelery that doesn't use electrical energy and doesn't generate carbon dioxide when created.

Some of the ingots have been used after the formal application of "Fair Mind Gold" which is ethical gold.

We provide high quality and reasonable price.

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