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The short normal that ring is thin

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The diagnosis result is this!
The ring where is good to you…
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Your characteristic of the hand,

"The standard external color that a finger is rather thin, and is shortish"  

It is small generally,

It is the hand of a pretty impression.

Recommended ... from ... GYPPHY

You,Type to look good with at relatively any ringですので,I can enjoy various designs. The thing with some accents including the wave line is particularly recommended.

The color"Pink gold or white gold"Choose を.I am familiar with your skin and show a finger nimbly neatly.

The wide rings look have bad balanceBecause I am possible, should I avoid it?

Ring looking good with you
Best 3!


While brightness of one バゲットモアサナイト is outstanding; a simple design. Because some edges work, it is recommended for the cool clothing such as the underwear-style.

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Reflecting the image of a ladder; although being simple; a bold design. Width is not too big and is the ring where is good to you. In addition, メレモアサナイト adds brightness at hand!

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The ring of the design reflecting the image of eyes. It is simple and adds an accent to your small hand cutely.

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Other recommended rings

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With the jewelry of GYPPHY...

モアサナイト is the jewelry which is サスティナブル which does not produce carbon dioxide without using electric energy at the time of making.

I use a part of the metal after official application of "the fair mind gold" which is the gold which is エシカル.

I offer a fair price of high quality.

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